Startup Stories: How Phytoponics wants to boost hydroponics in agriculture

“Make fresh produce abundant”. This is the mission of UK-based startup Phytoponics Limited. The AgTech company founded in Cardiff in 2016 offers an affordable, sustainable and scalable hydroponics system. In autumn 2016 the company was accepted into the accelerator Startupbootcamp Foodtech in Rome, Italy. We talked do Co-Founder Adam Dixon about the story and vision behing Phytoponics. Dear Adam, thank you for sharing some insights about Phytoponics. In a nutshell: what does Phytoponics do and what problems do you solve? Phytoponics is a British startup in the ag-tech sector, we’ve invented a commercial hydroponic growing system for fresh produce. Our new inflatable technology solves problems in high system cost, as Phytoponics is unique

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