We explore the promise if drone-enabled agriculture

Startup Stories: Drone-Enabled Precision Agriculture by Tvant

Precision agriculture holds a huge potential to make farming more sustainable. Drones play an important part in this. The Spanish agtech-startup Tvant offers precision farming services using drone technology. We chatted with Moisés Jiménez about how drones and other tech will change agriculture as we know it today.

About Tvant

Please introduce yourself briefly. Who are you and what do you do?

Hello, first of all I’d like to thank you for counting on my company. My name is Moisés Jiménez, and I am the manager and COO of TVANT. My work in this company consists of operational management and coordination, security, pilot training, and dealing with clients.

How did you start and how did your drone services evolve in the agricultural field?

Our journey with drone services started back at the beginning of 2015, measuring agricultural farms with a small drone. At the end of that same year, after seeing the endless possibilities that we could offer, we decided to acquire professional equipment with specific cameras for agricultural and topographic endeavors.

What is the unique appeal of the company you lead? How do you isolate yourself from competitors in the industry?

Our main goal is to satisfy our customers; it doesn’t matter how long it takes until our customers are completely satisfied. Our company offers professional services and our results are endorsed by the University of Córdoba.

We inquired how drones will change agriculture

To what extend do you interact across the world and how important are the international markets for your company?

Since the middle of 2016 we have been part of the UN, as providers of services in their global market, being the only Spanish company with drone services.

Why is it now the time to start working in the agtech field?

It’s a field that is constantly researching and advancing. Very soon, having a drone in the field will be as important as a plowing machine.

On Precision Agriculture and Agtech in General

How do you perceive the current labor market of the agtech-Industry in general, and how does it modify the demand for employees in your company at the moment?

As I said before, this is an emergent market and currently it demands qualified personnel such as pilots.

How will the agtech field change our lives and society in the next 5, 10 and 25 years?

I think we’ll witness a big change in the next 5 years, in legislation as well as in the role that drones will play in making work in the field more effective and profitable. Currently this equipment is very expensive, but I’m sure that the market will evolve to a professional self-consumption product.

Where do you see as major and minor problems of the occupational field of agtech, and what countermeasures would you suggest?

The major problem is agtech training. There has to be a combination of the farmer and the innovation, constant research and possibilities that this field offers.

We aksed an expert about his views on precision agriculture

AgTech Jobs and Career Opportunities 

What can your company offer that other employers cannot?

We’re a young company with a very enthusiastic and instructed team. We like to learn from each project and always look for the most dynamic way of doing things.

What careers and areas of knowledge are most demanded in your company, and how do they work together to offer the best service? 

Though our services include inspection, topography, audiovisuals and, of course, precision farming, what’s most demanded lies in the agtech field. We’re currently working on an App and an online Big Data platform.

What career opportunities are currently available in Precision Agriculture and the Agtech Sector, and how will these change, in your opinion?

I think mobile apps and online platforms for data processing represent big opportunities for the Agtech field that will have a significant thrust in the coming years.  

Which basic qualifications should an employee fulfil to get employed at your company? What are basic requirements to getting started?

Primarily, eagerness to be part of the innovation, progressive professional development and above all, the required knowledge to fulfil each task.


Av. Carlos III 28 Lc,
14014, Córdoba, Spain

Web: www.tvant.es
Email: info@tvant.es
Social Media: Facebook | Twitter | YouTube

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