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Our Readers

Our readership consists of highly motivated students and recent graduates from top European universities, impact driven jobs seekers, startup entrepreneurs, founders, and industry CEOs seeking high quality and insightful best practices, interviews, tips, tools, strategies and perspectives about the world of agtech and food tech, smart farming and related sectors.

Guest Post Opportunities: Agtech, Foodtech, Smart Farming, 21st Century Recruiting / HR and Startup Culture

We are looking for contributors who have recruiting, human resource management, startup, small business or entrepreneurial experience from leading companies or disruptive startups. We also welcome guest posts from innovators, startup enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, and business leaders with industry-specific expertise.

If you have a story to tell about one or more of the following industries, trends or topics, you might be just the guest blogger we would love working with:

  • Ag Tech, Food Tech, Smart Farming, Drone Farming, Urban Farming: General and Trending Topics
  • Farm Management Software
  • Precision Agriculture and Predictive Data Analytics
  • Drones and Robots
  • Smart Irrigation
  • Agriculture Marketplaces
  • Agriculture Input Efficiency, Sensors, IOT Field Monitoring Systems and Platforms
  • VRT Applications, UAV Platforms and Systems
  • Agriculture / Farming / Plant Imaging Services Providers
  • Lifestock / Herd Management
  • Next Gen Food / Drinks
  • Restaurant Delivery
  • Meals On-Demand
  • Office Catering
  • Meal Kits
  • Grocery Delivery
  • Specialty Foods
  • Farm-To-Table
  • Liquor On-Demand

We prioritize well-researched, smartly written articles that will provoke, inform, and entertain. We welcome various writing styles, and are particularly drawn to writers with a strong point of view and a high-energy, narrative style.

Prospective guest post contributors to our agtech and food tech news and editorials should familiarize themselves with our content before submitting articles. We prioritize specific, actionable advice that high potential graduates, job seekers and startup owners can utilize to improve their respective skill sets and industry specific knowledge. Please refer to our news section for samples.

Submission Standards

Please submit original content. Plagiarism will not be condoned. retains first publication rights and the right to promote, reuse or modify content.

As a guest contributor, content submissions are unpaid. Featured guest bloggers, writers and experts will benefit from attribution, maximized exposure to our European and global readership and a backlink to their own site.

All submissions should be:

  • Submitted in their entirety, between 1,000 and 1,500 words
  • “Evergreen content”; posts that won’t become outdated
  • Unique, creative, timely, and relevant
  • Narrative-like, news or opinion
  • Correct in spelling and grammar
  • Well-researched and fact-checked, with the addition of relevant sources (e.g. quotations, references, links)

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For any articles that we publish, we’ll credit you with a short bio and link to your website as well as championing and promoting you and your writing. If you fit the above guidelines, please email us with the following info:

  • Your idea or article
  • Any previous writing samples
  • A short bit about who you are are
  • A link to your website, if you have one

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