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AgTech Champion: Behind the Scenes of Accelerator Orizont

Accelerators are key for many innovative entrepreneurs to bring their ideas to life. Accelerators support and coach agtech pioneers on their way to improve and revolutionize agriculture. We featured many interviews with agtech startups; now it is time to have a look at the ‘other side’. We chatted with Alberto Clerigué, Investment Manager at Sodena from the agrifood accelerator Orizont. About Orizont How did Orizont come about and what has been the pathway of this accelerator? What can we expect from the 2017 edition? Orizont was born from the Navarra Development Society, Sodena, to become a national, and international, reference in the agricultural sector. Our goal, from the beginning, has

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11 Of The Best Agtech Incubators And Accelerators in North America

Agtech startup accelerator and incubator programs are companies that give aid to founders of startup companies in the agricultural sector. This support is usually in the form of financial capital required to start the business, mentorship, and coaching to impart the necessary business skills and practices for growing businesses from seed stage, into profitable multi-national organizations. The accelerator programs select a few companies to support from a list of applicants whereby the companies that portray the most potential for growth and profit are usually preferred for investments. The programs are made up of networks of investors, industry experts, and corporations who wish to invest in small companies and grow them

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Startup Stories: Facing Changes in Agriculture With Remote Sensing

Many farmers acknowledge the use of Agtech but are unsure how to get started in precision culture. In these cases, specialized firms come into play. One such company is Agromapping who specializes in precision farming, data analysis and remote sensing in agriculture. We talked to founder Fran Garcia-Ruiz about Agromappings success story, the need for a change of paradigm in agriculture, the bottleneck for technology adoption and his advice for graduates who want to start a career in Agtech. On Agromapping Please introduce yourself briefly. Who are you and what do you do? My name is Fran Garcia-Ruiz. I am an agronomic engineer and PhD in Crop Sciences with specialization

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