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      Startup Stories: Bugfoundation

      The entofood startup scene is buzzing with activity (pun intended). We had the pleasure to present our questionnaire to Osnabrueck, Germany-based bug protein startup Bugfoundation. This young startup designs delicious, healthy and sustainable food – made of insects.  Please introduce yourself briefly. Who are you and what do you do? My name is Baris Özel and with my friend and co-founder Max Krämer, I am founder of the Bugfoundation. What is the unique appeal of the company you lead? How do you differentiate yourself from the competitors in your industry? Taste, taste and… taste! Bugfoundation creates not only a sustainable and nutritious principle meal which outperforms regular meat products, but

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      Startup Stories: Agtech Champion PEAT Tackles Global Food Security

      How can we cope? We are looking at world population of 9.6 billion people in 2050 that will need access to a nutritious and healthy food supply. Still, for many agtech startups, fighting for global food security is not only about producing more food. It also means protecting food sources from diseases that would reduce the production and quality of grains, fibre and biofuel crops, as well as reducing the fertilizer-induced carbon footprint wherever possible. Farmers all over the world have to spend billions of dollars on disease management, while in many places technical infrastructure, disease control practices and know how remain poor. A new generation of entrepreneurs have now started to

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